Welcome to the fleet, we are a up&coming fleet. Our goal is to grow, and help our players grow. We stand beside our members trying to help in any way we can, and we expect all our members to do the same
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 Agentstar's App

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PostSubject: Agentstar's App   Wed Aug 08, 2012 11:56 pm

Highest level BO?: 100

Where are you from?: The Netherlands

Type of Connection?: pretty Fast

Complete Shiplines list highest capital ship BB, SS, CA: CV - Lexington
BB - Yamato
SS - Kadai

Former fleets,and how long have you been in them: a few?

Reasons for leaving those fleets: they dismissed

Do you have TeamSpeak? If not, please download it, it is essential for you to have TeamSpeak in this fleet to have fun with us: no

Would you call yourself an active Player, if yes how many games a week?: yes,

Do you have other Accounts or play on another server?: I've got one other acc, Marcel33

Do you share your account with other persons?: yes

Have you ever been banned from Navyfield , if yes why?: yes, i tked someone

Do you know anyone inside the fleet yet?: Sged

Why would u think Elite Sharks suits you?: Because this is an awesome fleet, with an awesome fleet leader

What squad do you want to be in?: Cheesy Sharks Squad

Any Questions for us , or a last statement?: nope

Who has Recruited you?: Sged
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PostSubject: Re: Agentstar's App   Thu Aug 09, 2012 6:17 am

Accepted and tagged as Squadmaster Smile welcome to the fleet Agentstar2!
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Agentstar's App
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